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The Dysfunctional Christians

Mar 26, 2020

This week on the show Diana, Nickie, and Blu talk about quarantine. The girls give you some helpful ideas and encouragement of what you can do at home while on quarantine. Get inspired and feel uplifted as they remind you to use this time to bring yourself closer to God. 


-How quarantine is going so far

-Nickie talks about being sick and her hair falling out

-The Original Force announces their Merch, Chance and Chase

-Reminding you that God is always with you

-Be thankful through this time

-Staying home may help you discover the seed God has placed inside you

-Ideas for what to do at home during quarantine

-How to workout at home

-Philippians 4:6

Spiritual Exercise: Be generous to others and ask questions. As we are in this time together, be generous to all those who cross your path whether it’s at the grocery store, in your neighborhood, or on social media. Ask questions and challenge your spirit. Open the bible, find comfort, ask questions, and you will receive answers. 

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