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The Dysfunctional Christians

Feb 27, 2020

Do you need rest? What about spiritual rest? This week on the show, Diana, Nickie, and Blu are talking to you about having a restful spirit and how exactly to accomplish that. Get ready for a fun, happy, and blooper filled kinda episode! The girls discuss “Sabbath day” & setting a day of rest for yourself & spirit. Nickie teaches us how to use a day of the week to renew our soul and refresh our spirit. Diana breaks down the main idea of having a resting soul. Blu tells us that you feel better physically when you are spiritually rested. We are showing you how to work your soul like a muscle to becoming restful and strong in your faith & spiritual life.


-Reviewing Tapping into Hope spiritual exercise & revealing the answer if optimistic people have more hope than pessimistic people from last week’s debate

-Announcement of our YouTube Channel

-Your spirit doesn’t rest nor becomes stronger when you sleep. But rather when you are taking essential time with your spirit it truly rests

-Mediating or walking while praying is beneficial to a restful spirit

-Resting your spirit is all about growing spiritually with God

-Your spirit becomes renewed when you rest it

-Sunday does not always have to be your “Sabbath Day” or day of rest, it can be any of the 7 days

-Discussing the Sabbath and how it’s a refreshing time for renewal

-The main idea of spiritual rest is to do it at least once a week to keep your spirit healthy

-Focus on your time with God

-Find your own way or do what you love when you want to rest your spirit

-When you are restarting or resting your spirit you feel it physically

-Combining God and your favorite passion can naturally rest your spirit

-Resting your spirit doesn’t happen overnight

-Our soul is like a muscle and you have to “work” it

-You could be resting your spirit and not even knowing it

-How you know if you have spiritual rest

-What it feels like not to have a restful spirit

-Finding your faith stronger through a restful soul

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